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Maximising Brain Potential for Your Child and Yourself in the Age of Digital Domination

Speaker: Dr Lalith Mendis

Time: 10.00am - 1.00pm

Price: $10.00

Venue: Multipurpose Hall (Level 1), YWCA Singapore & Fort Canning Road

Understanding the links between digital use. ADHD and impulsivity and how empathic learning therapy can help to remediate agitated behaviours.


Dr Lalith Mendis was the former Professor of Medicine Unit in Colombo Medical Faculty, Sri Lanka. He is also a Lecturer in Pharmacology, North Colombo Medical College.

Author of the book Right Learning & Recovering Childhood, Dr Mendis has researched the effect of digital overuse on children & youth and developed empathic therapies to reverse inattention, impulsivity & hyperactivity. His findings offers prevention and remedy for inattention and problematic behaviour related to ADHD, ADD, Autism, and Addictions to television & digital games by retraining of the brain wiring through empathic remedial procedures.

“I have been seeing children affected by too much cartoon abuse. This is not about ADHD but normal children with agitation & hyperactivity & inattention in studies” – Dr Mendis



  1.  Effects of Digital Dominance on Brain Development and Learning
  2. Maximising Brain Potential for your Child – Right and Left Brain Synergy
  3. The ADHD Child – Understanding Impulsivity and Empathic Learning Therapy


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