Social Thinking

Children who have difficulty sharing space with others, initiating appropriate social interaction, and relating to others are likely to have a deficit in perspective-taking.

Our Social Thinking Programme will help children enhance their ability to take perspective. They will be introduced to integrative language concepts such as understanding humour, motives, as well as making smart guesses while interpreting other’s thoughts and intentions. These are essential skills to develop social adaptability in situations that they will encounter in school and different settings.

Our therapists have vast experience working with children struggling with the universal language and adapt strategies primarily from Michelle Winner’s Social Thinking® approach. The programme is conducted every Saturday in a group setting to simulate the dynamics of a group within a shared space. Through teaching modules, each student will have an opportunity to participate in discussions and role-playing about topics such as but not limited to:

  • teamwork,
  • friendship,
  • conversation
  • respecting personal space
  • respecting privacy
  • motives
  • humour
  • presupposition (making smart guesses)
  • making promises
  • gossip
  • sarcasm

Scenarios which may be sensitive are discussed with the group to enable them to react appropriately during incidents such as bullying, teasing, arguments and other setbacks. 

At the end of the programme, students will be introduced to culminating functional activities to apply all the social skills that they have learned. These activities may include

  • mock interview
  • drama/play
  • social party
  • team games (amazing race, treasure hunt)