Social Skills Training

Social Skills Training is specially developed to help special needs children learn through play and fun activities like Multi-Sensory Play, Social Activities and Creative Play. The programme focuses on the ability of the child to engage, self-regulate and communicate within a social setting, reinforcing positive behaviours and reducing negative or inappropriate behaviours.

We adopt the Social Thinking® approach developed by Michelle Garcia-Winner. We want children to develop important skills like recognizing emotions, risk taking, giving and following instructions, empathy, and self-leadership.

Who will benefit ?
The program is designed for children aged 3+ to 12 years.

Children who benefit from Social Skills Programme may have:

  • Difficulty playing and communicating efficiently with peers
  • Difficulty staying focused and attentive during group activities
  • Experiencing social communication difficulties / language delay
  • Experiencing limited success in current play group/ preschool settings