Tele Therapy

The Olive Tree TeleTherapy Programme (OTTP) is an effective and innovative way to provide intervention to your child. With close and creative collaboration, both you and your therapist can teach your child skills that you can then observe first-hand at home, during activities that are meaningful to you. 

Benefits of TeleTherapy: 

Evidence-based. Work with therapists and teachers with many years of clinical experience and over 150 hours of TeleTherapy sessions completed.  

Personalized. Receive individualized lessons that will boost your child’s skills in these core developmental areas

    1. Behavior
    2. Self-Help
    3. Cognition
    4. Social Skills
    5. Motor Skills
    6. Communication. 

Adaptive. Learn to make educational materials, toys and equipment using everyday household objects. 

Innovative. Learn core skills through a combination of digital and hands-on activities. Conveniently scheduled to fit your family’s routine.

Convenient. Receive intervention wherever you are. Families living outside Singapore are welcome! 

Family-centered. Activities are designed not just to improve the child’s skills, but to encourage positive family dynamics and communication as well.  


Types of TeleTherapy Services offered: 

  1. Educational Therapy
  2. Occupational Therapy
  3. Speech Therapy
  4. Social Skills Group Therapy
  5. Social Thinking ® Group Therapy 
  6. Executive Functions Training 
  7. Math Coaching 
  8. Visualizing and Verbalizing® 
  9. Parent Coaching
  10. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy