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In 2017, we were looking for an occupational therapy (OT) program for Gelo. Fortunately, we were still in contact with Teacher Joy (Chavez), the former teacher of Gelo, who introduced us to Mr. Chiu of Olive Tree Development Centre. It was an added bonus that the centre was not too far from our home, and we readily enrolled Gelo. Since Gelo knows and trusts Teacher  Joy, he was able to fully immerse himself with the activities during OT sessions. In turn, Teacher Joy knows Gelo well and his abilities, and was able to engage him effectively. Having the OT sessions helped Gelo overcome his physical, sensory and cognitive issues one step at a time. We feel very satisfied with his development and that the centre permits the caregiver to observe the session so we can do the activities at home for continuity.

– Parent of Gelo


Olive Tree is a great school and development centre. The environment is very welcoming and fun, the teachers and therapists are very effective and kind. Our son started at 2.5 years old and we were very impressed with the progress he made in just 3 months. Overall, we are very satisfied with Olive Tree!

– Parent of Bento


My child has shown significant improvement in his skills under the guidance and coaching of Teacher Joy. I would like to express my gratitude to her and recommend her to any person that needs help. Thank you very much!

– Parent of Jun Hau


Olive Tree has been amazing to our family especially with our child’s development. The support provided to us all through these times were invaluable. Thank you so much!

– Parent of Ron


What I like most about Olive Tree is that their teachers show sincere love and compassion and give their best effort for the kids. Keep it up!

– Parent of Benjamin

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