Olive Tree Development Center
Can you be my friend?
I love music and art!
Let’s build a sand castle!
Do you like reading stories?
Let's play hopscotch!
I like playing in the rain. Do you?
Olive Tree Development Center
Olive Tree Development Center
Olive Tree Development Center
Olive Tree Development Center

Transforming Families, Impacting Lives.

At Olive Tree, we value the special role of the family in bringing out the best in your child. We work hand-in-hand, every step of the way to equip your family with clinical techniques that can be applied and generalised at home, so that your child’s learning is not confined to the therapy setting. Most importantly, we are committed to create hope by bridging gaps, achieving milestones and empowering families on this lifelong journey.

Early Intervention Programme (EIP)
Therapy Services (Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy, etc.)
School Readiness Programme
Specialised Programmes (Executive Functions, Social Thinking, etc.)
School Bridging Programme
Psychological Assessment
Life Skills Programme (Prevocational)
Olive Tree Development Center
Olive Tree Development Center

Programmes & Services

Our structured and individualised programmes for children aim to stimulate and enhance their development process. We provide small group interventions with a teacher-child ratio of 2:5 at maximum. This allows for more intensive support while continuing to promote social interactions and peer learning.

About Us

Olive Tree Development Center (OTDC) was established in 2011 with the aim of providing quality intervention to children with special needs and their families. Our intervention programmes and services here are built upon our 4 core beliefs - Faith, Hope, Love, and Joy. With Faith in your children, our team of passionate therapists work with Love and Joy, to bring Hope to you and your families.


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