Programmes And Services

Early Intervention Programme

Olive Tree Early Intervention Programme

The Olive Tree Early Intervention Programme is an integrative approach towards learning for all developmental differences. We provide small group early interventions with a teacher-child ratio of 2:5 at maximum and target seven domains of learning outcomes to ensure your child’s holistic development. Our early intervention programme focuses on building core skills including sensory-motor and language skills to empower your child to excel. Through an extensive assessment, we will create an individualised early intervention plan that is catered towards you and your child's needs.

Speech therapy services | Olive Tree

Therapy Services

Some children require more intensive 1:1 support to encourage development in specific areas. We offer different therapy services such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, and educational therapy to address these precise needs. Educational therapy focuses on assisting children with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), to enhance their academic skills and boost their confidence. Speech therapy is beneficial for children with speech and language and communication disorders, helping them improve their communication abilities. Occupational therapy addresses the challenges faced by children with sensory or physical impairments, and aims to promote independence and enhance their daily life skills. At Olive Tree, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and personalised therapy services that empower children to overcome obstacles and thrive.

Occupational therapy | Specialised programmes

Specialised Programmes

Our specialised programmes include services that target specific skills/areas such as Social and Emotional skills, Executive Function (EF), Comprehension skills, Narrative and Language skills, Sensory skills, and Infant development.

Educational therapy | Psychological assessment

Psychological Assessment

Our MOE-certified Educational Psychologists provide comprehensive diagnostic assessments using clinically proven tests and assessment tools for children who experience a wide range of learning, behavioural, or developmental difficulties.

Early Intervention Programme | Teletherapy


We provide TeleTherapy (online-based therapy) for all individual intervention services, such as our early intervention programme, speech therapy, occupational therapy, educational therapy and more. Online learning provides convenient access to a necessary level of support while preventing the regression of learned skills.