Programmes And Services

Olive Tree Intervention Programme

The Olive Tree Intervention Programme is an integrative approach towards learning for all developmental differences. We provide small group interventions with a teacher-child ratio of 2:5 at maximum and target seven domains of learning outcomes to ensure your child’s holistic development.

Therapy Services

Some children require more intensive 1:1 support to encourage development in specific areas. We offer different therapy services to address these precise needs.

Specialised Programmes

Our specialised programmes include services that target specific skills/areas such as Social and Emotional skills, Executive Function (EF), Comprehension skills, Narrative and Language skills, Sensory skills, and Infant development.

Psychological Assessment

Our MOE-certified Educational Psychologists provide comprehensive diagnostic assessments using clinically proven tests and assessment tools for children who experience a wide range of learning, behavioural, or developmental difficulties.


We provide TeleTherapy (online-based therapy) for all individual intervention services. Online learning provides convenient access to a necessary level of support while preventing the regression of learned skills.